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How it works

All bookings must use the website booking system.

Choose which package you want, Premium 2hrs or Standard 90 mins.

You choose the time and date and fill in the other requested information (address and party details).  Once the booking is confirmed you will recieve an email requesting a 50% deposit (please check your spam folder).  After the deposit is paid the booking is confirmed and party invitations will be posted to the billing address.

We arrive at your house or wherever the event is being hosted long before your allocated timeslot to set up for the event. We require a parking space for up two and a half cars (9 meters in length x 2.5 meters width), access to an electrical socket, we may need to plug into your router if the 5G coverage in your area is not sufficient, we take care of the rest. We tailor each event for different age categories or the host can simply choose which games they would like to play. Then you just sit back and relax and let us take care of the event, or get involved with the fun and games. No mess, no cleaning up, fully supervised and stress free. We differ from every other mobile gaming business in the UK as our truck has 8 individual gaming chairs which are a safe distance apart and our guests are not all sat side by side on a bench.  8 people can play safely at one time and playing time can be shared amongst guests if it is a larger group. 

2022 Pricing
non stop gaming premium package

Monday - Thursday


Saturday - Sunday




non stop gaming Standard package

Monday - Thursday


Saturday - Sunday




Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay a deposit

Yes 50% deposit required upon booking which is fully refundable if your event has to be canceled because of any lockdowns and the remaining 50% is to be paid on arrival at the event. All our gaming prices are not subject to VAT.

Do i need access to an electrical socket?

Access to an electrical socket is preferred, or our silent generator can be used if you have no electricity access (£20 surcharge) and we take care of the rest.

How much space is needed?

We require a parking space for up two and a half cars (9 meters in length x 2.5 meters width)

Are you following Covid guidelines?

All equipment is sterilized after each event along with the gaming truck which undergoes a deep clean and spray using a disinfectant fogging machine which has been shown to be %99 successful in stopping the spread of Covid 19. Hand sanitizer is provided on board and all our staff always wear a facemask.